Ragan's Digital Workplace Guide for Communicators


May 2020


Welcome to this month's edition of Ragan's Digital Workplace Guide. COVID-19 has forced many communicators to connect with their employees virtually and remotely. Here are some case studies, tips and how-to’s on how to do that well. Also check out the latest tools and products from our partners.

Ideas & Tips

How Johns Manville reaches non-desk workers as COVID-19 rages

More than two-thirds of its 8,000 employees on three continents staff the floors in manufacturing plants. Signage plays a big part, but so does imbuing the workforce with a sense of purpose.

In the COVID-19 era, try these 11 virtual collaboration tools

More and more organizations are having their people work remotely, but meetings aren’t going away, and communication remains essential for projects’ success. Consider these online options.

4 ways an engineering company is adapting to a remote workforce

One firm’s communications team created an infrastructure to help employees stay working while isolated.

How to deliver your virtual presentation during COVID-19

Here are some tips for improving your virtual presentations during the coronavirus pandemic.

5 steps to improve the performance of remote teams

This checklist will help you navigate unchartered waters of communicating with a dispersed workforce.

From Our Partners

Microsoft Yammer


Microsoft Yammer

Get Inspired. Discover how Yammer connects the organization.

Yammer helps you improve engagement with everyone in your organization. It enhances communication to build a culture of transparency, keeping everyone from leadership to firstline workers informed, aligned, and moving forward. This Lookbook will showcase how Yammer powers:

  • Leadership engagement
  • Communicating at scale
  • Communities of interest or practice
  • Driving knowledge sharing and innovation
  • Engaging the frontline

And see examples of using Yammer for:

  • Crisis Communications
  • Live Events
  • New Employee Onboarding




Meet Happeo. A collaborative workspace in G Suite where remotely managed teams can discuss, meet, share files, and work with business apps. Get your free Vendor Comparison Guide.

Learn more in this two minute video.




Now more than ever organizations are using email to communicate with employees. Studies show email remains the most essential channel for internal communications. With critical messages being sent to employees, you have to know what messages are reaching your employees and getting their attention. Our annual benchmark report with data mined from nearly 200 million internal email communications will help establish benchmarks and identify insightful tactics to better reach your workforce.

Download the full report to learn:

  • Why email metrics matter
  • How to improve click and open rates
  • Email benchmarks by S&P industry sectors
  • How long the typical employee spends reading an email
  • What you should know about engagement rate standards

Red Level Group


Red Level Group   Valo

Ready-to-go intranet on Office 365 and SharePoint.

Looking for an easy intranet with a cost-effective fixed price? Valo delivered by Red Level is the right tool for more effective working days.

Need guidance on intranet design? Download “A Guide to Intranet Home Page Design 101.”




ContactMonkey is an internal communications solution designed to help communicators truly engage their employees. We help companies understand if their employees really are engaged with the content being sent to them from Outlook and Gmail. ContactMonkey allows internal communicators to easily create email newsletter templates, track engagement through direct employee feedback and provide analytics such as read time to show improved employee engagement after every email, update or newsletter. Book your personalized demo here. See other resources.

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